Chapter 1 Opportunity Loss

Tirin, an intergalactic agent-turned mercenary, is hired to rescue Prince Jilak (The Emeperor of the Universe's son) who has been kidnapped by her former handler, Flin Oobyin.

Chapter 2: To Toast a Soul

Tirin Johnson continues to explain to her shipboard artificial intelligence, Oscar, why she would rather terminate Flin Oobyin than capture him alive. She recounts her induction into the "Elite" special forces team and how she became Flin's favorite agent, eventually handing her a mission to hunt people infected with the deadly Soria virus, utilizing a special weapon invented by her late father, Samson, crudely named the "Soul Toaster."

Chapter 3: Trial and Error

Tirin's flashback continues as she has been betrayed and framed for the termination of the Queen of the planet Saronia. She is extradited to Saronia and undergoes the brutal Tedemsis Trial.

Chapter 4: On the Wings of Love

The Tedemsis Trial concludes and Tirin meets sorceress extraordinaire, Mistress Salock, Prime Minister of Saronia. Tirin learns the true fate of her mother and the full extent of Flin Oobyin's treachery.

Chapter 5: Endgame

Back to the present where Tirin finally finds and confronts Flin Oobyin and his cadaveric soul-transplanted servants, recovering some very valuable information for the Emperor of the Universe.

Chapter 6: Shadow of a Doubt

The Emperor's right-hand-man, Ephraim, hires a special assassin named Shadow to spy on Tirin and find out if she knows anything about "Comp X." We are also introduced to Wendy and Tirin's friends-with-benefits partner, Carlos.

Chapter 7: Extreme Prejudice

Hell hath no fury like an Emperor scorned as Tirin, Wendy and Carlos are hunted by the Imperial Death Squad. Shadow's one weakness is revealed.

Chapter 8: Rack Rate

Tirin and company hide out on Yehgot, where you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. In their quest to obtain weapons to protect themselves, they get caught up in a raw deal from a ruthless weapons dealer named Ray.

Chapter 9: Smackdown

Tirin and company have to survive Ray's brutal cage matches, while heavily recruiting a Tarakian named Carl, who also happens to be a transportation expert who could help them find Comp X, without tipping off the Emperor, of course.

Chapter 10: Madman With a Door

Carl brings Tirin, Wendy and Shadow to meet with Etrusillion, the leader of the Slorn, a mysterious god-like race with one purpose: repair time misalignments throughout the universe.

Chapter 11: Cold Case

Little Tirin has discovered a secret recording device dropped by her future self and tries to get all of its content infused into her brain with the help of her nerdy but brilliant friend, Billy. Meanwhile, the Emperor's men (and woman, Siresha) search for his favorite envoy, Flin Oobyin, leading them to Tirin's home. Where is one to go when being chased by the Emperor? Back to Saronia of course!

Chapter 12: The Lost Daughter

As Little Tirin, her dad, Samson, and Billy are escorted by Felina and Yritai to meet the Queen of Saronia, we learn about Big Tirin's life as a Slorn Time Enforcer, showing a new recruit named Abby how to properly terminate or recruit time misalignments. Little Tirin enters the Reflectris Trial in order to claim Billy as her personal slave.

Chapter 13: Close Encounters of the Magic Kind

Little Tirin and Billy continue to face the difficult challenges of the Reflectis Trial, guided by Mistress Salock's feisty Mirror. One of the challenges is fighting a mind-reading and mind-altering doppelganger named Dabney. Big Tirin sends Abby to help her younger self, while she alerts her colleagues to initiate their big plan to escape the Slorn.

Chapter 14: Apocalypse When

Beau tries to stop Tirin from destroying the precious time-altering Uon Spice in order to overthrow the Slorn and prevent any further time manipulation. Sariel and Torel, time curators from the future, arrive to observe the only known non-lethal time cataclysm in history.


Sariel tells a story to Abby and Tirin --- once upon a horrible future, a restless group of people decided to travel back in time to a distant peripheral dimension in order to alter and hopefully improve the future of Dimension Prime.

Chapter 15: The Emperor's New Grooves

Sariel, Abby and Tirin recruit Dabney to find the Saronian rat who has been selling Samson's weapon and defensive designs to the Emperor. They then try to set the Emperor straight. Meanwhile, little Tirin learns magic under the supervision of Mistress Salock.

Chapter 16: le Coup de Salock

Little Tirin narrates the story, which includes but is not limited to Mistress Salock preparing little Tirin and her co-apprentices for an attack by the evil Mirror, little Tirin standing up to bullying, Salock inadvertently learning about the possibility of time manipulation, and Abby challenging Salock to an epic battle. We eventulaly find out who Tirin is telling this story to.

Chapter 17: Death by Cliff(erow)

18 year old Tirin continues to tell her Tollewon, Rennie, her story. We learn what happens in the aftermath of Salock's trial and sentencing. Tirin Prime and Sariel make their exit, leaving little Tirin, Billy, Samson and Yritai to fend for themselves on Saronia.

Chapter 18 - Spy games, nano style

Tirin monitors the time traveling serial killer, Torel, looking for an opportunity to interrogate or strike. Torel looks for the perfect opportunity to alter the past. Rennie reads Tirin's journal to find out what happens when Samson Johnson meets the Queen of Saronia.

Chapter 19: Reny Wranbo

Rennie tells Tirin about her newfound memories, revealing that she is from the future. As she sifts through her memories, she relates her story to Tirin, including her early years as a teen genius, the tragic events involving her family, and her internship at the Department of Time Curation with Dr. Torel.

Chapter 20: Addicted to love and other side effects

A strange man from somewhere far, far away sees Tirin's advertisement for her new concierge weaponsmith service and develops an urge to meet Tirin face-to-face. Billy tells Abby about what happened between him and Tirin.

Chapter 21: Naked and unafraid

Tirin, Reny, and Trina confront Lord Durminat, in the flesh

Chapter 22 - Rewind, pause, enhance

In search of Cadence, the mysterious lady who seems to enjoy fucking around with time at Tirin and company's expense. Tirin, Reny, Morg, Norg, Sariel and Tirinia go back to Tirinite headquarters and utilize the timelog to determine what happened to Billy and why Saronia has been changed to Billyonia.